MADMONQ is an energy pill made for gamers, it contains natural ingredients such as L-Theanine which is an amino acid that's usually found in green tea.
The pill is full of herbs from different parts of the world where Brahmi, Ginseng and Blueberry is three of them. There is totally 12 scientifically proven ingredients in the pill.

Caffeine: 160mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine: 50mg
L-Theanine: 52,5mg
L-Tyrosine: 130mg

Siberian Ginseng root: 1000mg
Brahmi leaf extract: 21,2mg
Rhodiola root extract 10mg
European Blueberry fruit extract: 20mg

Vitamin B6: 3,5mg
Vitamin B12: 100µg
Zinc: 2,5mg

Is an adaptogenic herb which helps promote cognitive performance, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, particulary during stressful situations.

Siberian ginseng
is an adaptogenic herb with compex stimulating action. It supports both physical and mental performance and improves recovery.

First impressions
I got the packet well packaged in a black wrapping paper together with some MADMONQ tape, the package was sent to me from the Czech Republic and it made it all the way to Sweden without a scratch.
Inside there were two standard brown cartons which didn't really catch my eye, but as soon as I opened it up it became another story.
First of all I got a warm welcome that stated "Thx <3 you sexy beast", the self-confidence went through the roof!

As soon as I got inside the package I was welcomed with some printed labels/cartons with some information about the product, and a motivational and welcoming message:
Welcome to the new level of gaming
Congratulations, your gaming setup just got a lot more powerful. You are now a part of an elite group of stratospheric thinkers who realize that mental performance is everything in gaming. You made the right choice to trust us.
Now, let's kick some ass.

We got two packets from MADMONQ, the first one contained 2 smaller packets that contains the bottle of pills. The second one only had one bottle in it, but this one also had some Kappa stickers, yay!
The smaller packages are nicely packed at the bottom of the big packet and they have a good looking cover which contains alot of information about the product.

Front side
The "front" of this packet gives us a list of nine different enchancements that the pills will help with. For example we will get better Reaction time, better cognitive precision and an easier way to control our stress.
The front also states the flavor which is our case is blueberry, it seems that there's currently only one flavor but I'd guess that we'll see other soon.

Right side
This side shows us some simple comparisons, 1 pill = 2 energy drinks = 3 coffee.
The product is built to give you a stable and long-term effect, it gives you an immediate effect which gains in effect over time in order for you to adapt to the change in your body.
All together you should be able to get a better focus, memory and be able to handle the stressful situations better.

Back side
On the back side of the packet we get to see the nutrient facts, this contains all of the ingredients together with the specifications that you can see under the "Specifications" section in this review.
You can also find the daily dose which is a maximum of 2 pills/day. Take it 15-20 minutes before gaming and you're set.
The pill is made for 18+ age, GMP verified and certified in a lab.

Left side
The left side contains a list of 10 different parts in the products, the list is made up of the specifications which I stated earlier, and we also get to know that the B6 & B12 vitamins are made out of "pyridoxine and cobalamin".

Inside the package we find the bottle of energy pills, its design is simple with the MADMONQ logo, and some of the list items that we saw on the front side of the packet.
Every bottle contains 28 pills which would last 14 days if you decide to take 2 pills every day.

My experience - Day 1
First pill:
I started the day with a coffee at work before opening my package, I haven't eaten anything yet, so the only thing in my body is currently a coffee.
The reason that I didn't eat anything was to see if the caffeine would take over and make me shake, this is something that have happened before when I've taken pre-workouts before gym etc.
I opened the package and I took out one pill. The pill was purple/blue just like a blueberry and had the size of a standard cough pill.

My first thoughts were: How should I do? Keep it in my mouth? Immediately swallow? Put in a glass of water?
I decided to let it sit on my toungue until it dissolved, this was probably the right way as there's no active ingredient that will dissolve it quick in water.
20-30 minutes later I had my first break at work, I could actually feel that my senses had changed, my eye vision were more focused on a specific position rather than switching between different places in the room.

I still haven't felt any type of overconsumption of the caffeine, my body is stable and I cannot feel any type of discomfort.

Todays plan is not to do any gaming unfortunately, I will however make sure that I document my experience and I plan on taking another pill sometimes after lunch.
Oh btw, my mouth and my tongue is purple...

Second pill:
This one was different, I've now had lunch around 12-o-clock which consisted of rice, fish and some sauce. I took my second pill around 10 minutes after lunch was done.
The first pill may have showed the effects incorrectly due to exitement of the product, because this second pill didn't feel the same.
This time I didn't feel anything until 40 minutes had passed, I got interrupted by a colleague that asked me a question and this was where I suddenly realize that my vision had that "sharp" focus just like the first pill.

I was really focused on my colleagues face whenever he was talking, and the rest of my peripheral vision was blurred out. This gave me the feeling that this pill gives you a very good focus on a target, which is perfect for gaming.

My experience - Day 2
First pill:
So, one day into my MADMONQ experience and I'm still exited for the effects that might turn up today.
I took my first pill around 08:45, just before a meeting with a client at my job. I've had no breakfast as I wanted to see if I'd get the shaky fingers today.

We can conclude an hour later that there were no shaky hands/fingers, my client were happy about the results of the meeting and we got to close an issue. I was focused on my job which includes some programming together with customer relation.

Second pill:
Let's do some Friday gaming!
I took the second pill somewhere around lunch, 12.30 Stockholm time.
Unfortunately I died 3 minutes into my PUBG game, but that didn't stop me because I was pretty focused to perform better in the next game.
There were some close chicken dinners but I never reached my goal, but my performance was on top!

Gaming isn't what I always do, I'm a programmer and a hard worker in the IT industries, this means that there's hard deadlines and goals that needs to be reached.
I have taken this pill during one week, both at work and at home and I can feel a difference. It's not like the pre-workout that you can take at gym, that one is focusing more on getting the blood pressure going, which maxes up the heat in your body.
I have been doing my assigments at my job and I've done it well.

If you look at the specs of the product you'll see that there's really just different vitamins that your body wants. I'm not an expert, but I've gotten an improved focus during this testing periods and I'd take an unqualified guess to say that the caffeine together with the Xylitol gives an effect to your eyes, I also know that Ginseng is sold at a lot of medical/herbal shops and that it should make you perform better in life. So there's definitely some logic behind the product.

Currently the only flavor is Blueberry and the reason is probably because there's apparently good properties in the "European Blueberry" that's vital to the product. I hope that they find these good properties in Strawberries!

I understand that the creators only wants "natural ingredients" because it's probably what they believe in. But if there's something else that could make you perform better, that's also legal, why wouldn't you use that? I'm not a chemist, but I can guarantee that there are other things that could be improved.
Is sugar totally forbidden? The recommended ADI (Acceptable daily intake) on several of the ingredients is way higher than the product contains, will this be changed in the future?
There is a small Reddit thread with legit arguments, you can read it here: Reddit thread

Price: 22.95€
  • Good marketing & design, both on social medias but also the actual product
  • Good description of all of the ingredients
  • Nackdelar
  • Bad flavor, probably due to no sugar
  • Only one flavor, I hope that there will be multiple flavors in the same bottle in the future
  • Purple tongue as a side effect of the blueberry
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